Weston Locksmith Store Chip Key Replacement Weston, FL


Getting a replacement for your car key can be very expensive. Car dealers tend to charge an arm and a leg for a chip key replacement , and the process can take quite a while. Alternatively, car owners in Weston, FL can get car keys cut from Weston Locksmith Store. We can make precision-engineered duplicate keys for you cheaper and faster than a dealer ever could. Our service has been making keys for a decade in the local region, so you can trust us to do the job to your satisfaction.

Affordable chip keys

Weston Locksmith Store Weston, FL 954-744-3789Smart car keys – also known as transponder or chip keys – are expensive because the chip that is embedded in the plastic fob attached to the key needs to be specially programmed by a computer. The keys themselves are difficult to make and require precision-crafting. Without the right code programmed, the car’s ignition switch won’t start when you insert the key into it. The code is read by the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and will deactivate the engine’s immobilizer. Despite the complexity involved in creating a chip key replacement , can cut car keys at an affordable price.

Hand finished products

Sometimes the finished product will have sharp edges, which may damage a lock when you insert it in it. We hand finish every chip key replacement , both to check for defects and to smooth out any rough edges. Any key you get made from us will be of high quality and is sure to last you for a good long time.

How long does it take to get a replacement?

With our automotive locksmith service, it doesn’t take us more than a handful of minutes to craft new keys. You don’t have to come to us to drop off the key, either – we come to you instead. Our mobile vans can reach all locations in Weston and surrounding areas in usually as little as 30 minutes. All the machinery we need to cut car keys is in our vans, so we can craft you a replacement in no time at all.

What do I do if the fob is damaged?

If your car key’s fob is damaged in some way, or it fell off, you can get a replacement fob from us. We will reprogram the chip inside to work with your car too, if necessary.

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